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Terms and Conditions

Coronavirus Guarantee 

Any booking that needs to be cancelled due to any government travel restrictions will be offered a full refund or the opportunity to book an alternative date subject to availability providing payments have been made via bank transfer. We are still offering card payments but if your booking needs to be cancelled as above we will need to deduct a 4% admin fee to cover costs incurred .

In the event of one or more of your party falling  ill with the coronavirus or similar  our normal cancellation policy set out below will apply. We strongly suggest our customers take out travel insurance to cover this event.




• All drivers must be 26 years or over and under 70 years of age, & have held a full driving licence for at least 3 years (exceptions to these rules may be available on request & may be subject to an additional charge). 

• The licence must be free of endorsements with the exception of 2 speeding offences & parking offences. Any driving convictions, accidents, insurance claims, disabilities & medical conditions must be declared prior to booking. 

• On collection all drivers must provide their driving licence and 2 forms of proof of identify (e.g. a valid passport, utility bill or bank statement no older than 60 days).

• In addition you must provide your national insurance number. This will be required to perform a DVLA check at the time of collection. 

• No one other than the drivers named will be allowed to drive the vehicle.  

• Drivers from abroad may be considered but further checks will need to be made.

Insurance / Damage Deposits

• Comprehensive insurance for UK mainland only is included within the hire charge for each named driver that meets the above criteria.

• European cover is not currently available.

• Extra drivers can be added at no additional cost.

• The excess for the insurance is £1,000.

• Any damage to the vehicle including tyres, windscreen & windows is the hirer’s responsibilit​y

• Any damage caused by negligence ​i.e. driving through width / height restrictions will not be covered by the insurance policy. Any repair costs will be at the hirers expense.

• The vehicle is only insured for the hire period stated in the rental agreement & therefore the driving of the vehicle after the expiry of the contract period may result in the driver committing a traffic offence.

• The hirer is entirely responsible for any accidental damage & is responsible to ensure that the total number of person to be carried does not exceed the vehicles berth limit & all passengers are wearing a seatbelt whilst the vehicle is in motion.

• The use of any gas appliance while the vehicle is in motion is strictly prohibited.

• Gas bottles must be isolated before commencing travel.

• A security / damage deposit of £1,000 will be charged on collection of the vehicle & repaid in its entirety on return providing the vehicle is returned on time, clean & undamaged.

• Should the vehicle be returned damaged the deposit with be held until an assessment is made on the cost of the repair.

• Any costs of repairs will be taken out of the security deposit & the remainder returned.

• In the event of an insurance claim the entire deposit will be used to pay the insurance excess.

• A charge of £50 will be made if the toilet cassette isn’t emptied prior to returning the vehicle.

• We expect you to return the vehicle in the same condition as it was collected.


• Whilst the vehicle is in your care you are responsible for ensuring that all reasonable precautions are taken against damage to, or theft of, or from the vehicle.

• When you leave the vehicle ensure all windows & roof lights are closed, doors locked & the keys are in your possession.

• Do not give the keys to anyone else or permit unauthorised persons to drive the vehicle

• You will be 100% responsible to all losses to Fleck’s Motorhome Hire as your insurance does not cover theft of / from the vehicle if

                 • The vehicle has been left unlocked

                 • The keys have been left inside the vehicle

                 • Windows and / or doors have been left open

                 • You have allowed someone else to drive it & they have taken it away.


Reservations / Payment


• A 25% deposit is payable on reservation to guarantee your booking. This will be deducted from the total hire charge. This is non refundable in the event of cancelation from the hirer.

• The balance of the hire must be paid at least 6 weeks before commencement of hire or at the time of booking if the commencement of hire is less than 6 weeks.

• On collection, a security deposit of £1,000 will be taken (as mentioned above)

• All payments must be made with a credit / debit card or bank transfer no additional charges will be made for this form of payment. This is a condition of insurance. Cash / cheques  are not accepted. 


• Should you unfortunately need to cancel your booking we will only charge your deposit & other monies will be refunded

• We strongly advise you to take out travel insurance against any unavoidable cancellations.

• Fleck’s Motorhome Hire may cancel the hire on or before the time of collection if the nominated drivers licences are invalid or not in accordance with the term & conditions. In this event we will only charge the deposit & other monies will be refunded.



• Fleck’s Motorhome Hire agrees to have the vehicle cleaned & available at the time & dates required.

• If, for any reason the vehicle is not available, Fleck’s Motorhome Hire reserves the right to refund in full all monies paid. In this event the hirer will have no claim of any kind against Fleck’s Motorhome Hire. 

• Fleck’s Motorhome Hire reserves the right to refuse to enter into an agreement with the prospective hirer without giving a reason.


Collection & returns

• The vehicle will be ready for collection at a pre-determined time & date

• The vehicle must be returned on the agreed time & date.

• No refund is available for early return of the vehicle.

• Failure to return the vehicle within the agreed time on the last day of hire could mean the vehicle is not insured.

Breakdown / Accident

• In the event of a breakdown or accident, services are at the full disposal of the hirer.

• Instructions for repair or replacement at a cost not exceeding £50 may be give by the hirer, who will be reimbursed on the production of a receipted invoice at completion of hire.

• Fleck’s Motorhome Hire approval  must be obtained in respect of repairs / replacement in excess of £50.

• Fleck’s Motorhome Hire will not be responsible for hotel or any other expenses subsequent to a breakdown, but will refund the hire charges of any complete days loss of use of the vehicle, nor will they be under any liability for third party claims or damages with any accident or breakdown.

• In the event of an accident involving the vehicle the hirer shall notify Fleck’s Motorhome Hire by telephone immediately after the event or as soon as practicably possible.

• Thereafter a completed accident report form must be handed to Fleck’s Motorhome Hire at termination of hire.

• The maximum height and width of the vehicle is clearly stated on the windscreen and dashboard. Any overhead or external damage is the responsibility of the hirer.  

• Damage to tyres including punctures, wheels & wheel trims are the hirer’s responsibility. This must be reported on return.


Care and custody of vehicle


• The hirer shall only drive the vehicle when qualified to do so and whilst holding all necessary & current driving licence & permits.

• The hirer shall at all times drive the vehicle in a careful & skilful manner in accordance with all legal requirements.

• The hirer shall not use the vehicle for racing, pace making or any other purposes other than domestic & social purposes

• The hirer shall not carry any passengers in the vehicle for hire or reward.

• The hirer must use the vehicle in a responsible & proper manner.

• The hirer is liable for any damage, fault or loss to or in the vehicle, or its fixtures & fittings as a result of the hire’s negligence or misuse of the vehicle.

• The maximum number of persons carried in the vehicle shall be no more than the maximum number of berths 

• The hirer shall not take the vehicle off the English, Scottish or Welsh mainland.

• The hirer shall at no time pass possession or custody of the vehicle to any other persons.

• The vehicle must be locked at all times when left unattended


• No claims by the hirer will be considered in respect of any loss or damage to personal belongings or effects of the hirer or any person or persons.

Fuels, Oil or Coolants

• The hirer will be responsible for maintaining the correct level of engine oil and coolants. Failure to do so may result in engine damage for which the hirer will be responsible.

• Vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel & should be returned full. If not, Fleck’s Motorhome Hire will charge for any shortfall in fuel.

• It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the correct fuel is used in the vehicle. Any costs incurred due to incorrect fuel usage will be the hirer’s responsibility.




• Two full cylinders of gas are included in the hire charge. Should you need more you can refill the system at any fuel station that sells LPG

• If any gas cylinders or system parts are missing on return of the vehicle, the replacement cost will be charged. a full system is £750




• A full inventory is included within the vehicle & the vehicle must be returned with it all items intact.




• All fines incurred by the hirer for infringement of traffic laws or regulations & tolls are the responsibility of the hirer & must be settled by that person.

• The hirer also agrees to reimburse Fleck’s Motorhome Hire in respect of any cost & expense incurred by the company in recovery of such fines and penalties from the hirer. This includes any clean air zone charges.


• Pets are allowed, but the hirer must provide a suitable bed as the pets are not allowed on the furniture.

• Any damage caused by the pet will be the responsibility of the hirer



• Fleck’s Motorhome Hire operates a strictly enforced no smoking policy.

• Any offender will forfeit £500 of their security / damage deposit.


Continental Hire


• This is not available at this time. UK mainland only.

Free Parking


• Customers are welcome to leave their vehicles during the hire period.

• Vehicles are left entirely at the owners own risk

Vehicle Tracking

• This vehicle is fitted with a monitored GPS tracking device and can detect speed, location and driving style. 

• this tracking device cannot be turned off or disabled.

• In the event of a road traffic offence the information derived from the tracking device may be made available to the police if requested.  

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